3D origami flower tulip tutorial (Gifts for Mother’s Day) 3D 立体 折り紙 チューリップ チュートリアル(母の日のプレゼントにも最適) <視聴時間 5:31>

3D origami flower tulip tutorial (Gifts for Mother’s Day)

3D origami flower tulip tutorial (Gifts for Mother’s Day)
Step by step production, master class

You can surprise every such flower who are not familiar with the art of “3D Origami”. This flower or bouquet of flowers will be a very good gift for teachers, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, on Mother’s Day, on Teacher’s Day. You can give 3D origami flower on Valentine’s Day.
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We need to assemble a flower 175 pieces size 1/32nd.

The flower’s height is 6 cm. The flower’s length is 28.5 cm.

We need:
100 white and 75 pink pieces (1/32nd). How to make such triangles
see the link here:

0:12 We’re making 3 rows of 15 pieces in each.

0:21 We’re making 1st row of 15 pink.
We’re making 2nd and 3rd rows with pattern 2, 1.

1:47 We’re continuing to make rows.
We’re displacing a pattern in a circle.

2:13 The bud of flower must has 9 or 8 rows with pattern and 1 row of 15 pink

2:27 Put on the pieces on 3 corners

2:51 We’re turning over and we’re making 5 cloves by 3 pink

3:56 We’re making a stem using a tube of cocktail and green paper

4:26 We’re making a leaf of tulip

4:40 We’re gluing a stalk to the flower bud

4:53 The flower tulip is ready!

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How to make a vase #1 see here:
How to make a vase #2 see here:

You know now how to make a flower tulip in the art 3D origami (modular origami). Use this video as a master class in the assembly of a flower tulip.

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